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All of these hooks are available on your WooCommerce Store Checkout page, the hooks are self explanatory as to where the will place your new code, but do also refer to the visual hook guide if you’re not 100% sure on where exactly they hook into on your checkout page.

If your theme is overriding the WooCommerce templates then it’s possible that these hooks could be missing, or placed in a slightly different position.

How to use PHP hooks on your website:

To use any of these WooCommerce checkout page hooks you will need a little understanding of php code… You can add the following function to your website using by creating a child theme and then adding this code to the child themes functions.php file, or you can install our Site Customizations plugin and add the php code via the php file provided.

If you are not comfortable using code then please try out our StoreCustomizer plugin which offers a lot of useful functionality using all these hooks for you to customize your WooCommerce store… No coding knowledge needed.

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