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Buy Best Deodorants for Men and Women Online in India

Premium Scents and luxurious Experiences!

Do you want to make impressionable entrances or have an unforgettable signature scent but are tight on budget?

Give French Essence Deodorants a chance, and you will never look back! They help you maintain your personal hygiene and leave you smelling amazing throughout the day without drilling a hole in your pocket.

Best for your skin

Our deodorants are made with natural ingredients that care for your skin. Unlike other deodorants, French Essence Deodorants don’t clog pores or contain harmful chemicals.

Protection against odours- even during high-intensity workouts!

Our deos are the most long lasting deodorant in India for males. Our body sprays are made from exotic French extracts and ingredients that act as effective odour inhibitors; while naturally regulating your body’s pH balance and perspiration levels to help keep you fresh all day long.

Reduced underarm stains

Unlike other deodorants online that contain aluminium salts in their formulations, the French Essence Deodorant Body Sprays are chemical and paraben free and help prevent underarm stains on clothes. That is why we are a hit amongst women of all ages, making our deos the best deodorant for women in India!

Authentic French Fragrances- experience luxury

Our body deodorant sprays are curated using hand-picked exotic French ingredients formulated by French masters.

No more excuses for smelling bad

We have a variety of different types of deodorants for women and men, so no one has to miss out on feeling fresh again!

Buy deodorant online in India at the best prices!

French Essence Bloom Deodorant Body Spray

This is perfect for long summer days at work. Its citrusy and sweet scent will keep you fresh and rejuvenated all day. In our opinion, this is the best deodorant for women in India who love intense Yoga sessions or love being on their toes while at work.

French Essence Grace Deodorant Body Spray

This body deo is enriched with delicate floral experiences and fun citrusy vibes. It is an exciting blend of citrus bergamot, Blackcurrant, and fresh rose notes. This body spray is perfect for daily as well as special-occasional usage.

French Essence Intense Deodorant Body Spray

This intense deodorant oozes irresistible appeal and is perfect for enticing and charming people around you. It not only prevents body odour but keeps you fresh round the clock and nourishes your skin. If you are on the hunt for the best smelling deodorant for men- French Essence Intense Deodorant Body Spray, you- are a match made in heaven!

French Essence Oud Deodorant Body Spray

This is the best deodorant for workouts with refreshing citrusy notes blended with the nourishing goodness of coconut and long-lasting spicy and woody patchouli notes. It also prevents your skin from rashes caused due to sweat chafing during high-intensity workouts.

French Essence Recharge Deodorant Body Spray

The name of this deo explains what it does best; it keeps your body recharged and energized even after a tiring day at the office. This Unisex Deodorant encapsulates the free and adventurous spirit of modern Indian men and women.

Strong deodorant for men is easy to find. But for women, even the scents are stereotyped (floral, delicate, and sweet deos). If you, just like us want to break the gendered stereotypes try French essence Recharge Deodorant Body Spray and feel the pleasing fragrance of freedom!

French Essence Triumph Deodorant Body Spray

If you want to break the mundane and try something unique, our Triumph deo body spray will amaze you. It is made with the goodness of the Mediterranean sea splashes and calming essence of rosemary.

Its notes are a magical balance between coriander and cedarwood, made exclusively for Indian men, with an elegant yet sensuous appeal. This is not only the best deodorant for men but also the top unisex deodorant in India.

If you and your partner want to feel close all day, even when apart, this French Essence unisex body spray will amaze you! Give it a try and thank us in the reviews.

How to use deodorant the right way?

Even the best deodorants for men or the best deodorant for women in India will not work if not used correctly. Here’s how you can get the best out of your body deodorant spray:

  • After taking a bath or shower, dry your body and use deodorant right away for the best results
  • Shake your deo bottle before using or spraying it on your body to give its ingredients a good mix
  • Hold your deodorant bottle approximately 15 cm from your body and spray
  • Spray deodorant on the most sweaty parts of your body, such as the underarms, chest, etc.
  • Do not spray body deodorants on your clothes because the body spray aerosols will evaporate quickly, wasting your product and efforts.

An effective body Deodorant is long-lasting and effective at keeping body odour away.

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