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Fragrances for every occasion, catering to every style


French Essence is meticulously crafted with an amalgamation of love, handpicked ingredients sourced from France, and formulations discovered by the French masters of fragrances. It adapts to the Indian climatic conditions and skin type while the aromas transport us to the fields of France.

French Essence comes under the umbrella of Vanesa, one of the oldest and leading aerosol manufacturers in India. It is a private label company carrying a legacy of more than 50 years in the industry and produces over six million units every month. We are proud to be a team of 400+ skilled professionals who are the brains and hands behind all our perfume brands.


Fragrances for every occasion, catering to every style



The words of these guys are pure pleasure


Unnati Kansara


I always love to try ne fragrances and came across and tried French Essence deodorant Bloom. Since then I’m in love with the fragrance feels very fresh.




Starting my day with this earthy fragrance from the French Essence. Fragrance remains the same entire day and keeps me close to nature. Intense perfume is a must try!

Supriya Verma

Supriya Verma


Got my hands on the French Essence fragrance range and I'm already in love with it. Trust me these are must haves.

Shubhi Garg

Shubhi Garg


I tried two body sprays Oud & Bloom and a perfume Grace. All these 3 smells serene & keeps me fresh throughout the day.

Soumyashree Rout

Soumyashree Rout


The fragrances leave the aura of luxury around you. Must try!

Mahendra Pandey

Mahendra Pandey


French Essence is for the stylish & classic gentlemen. Long-lasting & perfect for everyday.

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Riya Kapoor


"I just cannot think of stepping out for work or a party without my Grace Deo. They are long lasting and worth a try at this price. Go for it!"

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Sidharth Arora


"Such unique fragrances by an Indian Brand are very less seen, affordable and made in India. A perfect hit I would say."

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Gauri Sen


"I have tried both Grace and Bloom. I switch between daily college wear and a Friday night party with friends. Good that I came across this brand via Instagram".

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Rahul Khanna

Job - Accenture

"Perfectly priced and well-sized perfumes, last day long, what else does one want from a new brand? Fully satisfied with the purchase."


Shop the best deodorants and perfumes at the best prices!

Deodorants and perfumes can make or break your look!

No matter how classy your suit is or how dapper your look is- without an attractive scent, it’s incomplete. And French Essence understands that- which is why we offer the best fragrances in India for every occasion, mood, and personality.

Break Gender Stereotypes with the best unisex deodorants and perfumes in India!

It is easy for women to find the right scent for them because of the variety of perfumes for women online. But for men, it is tricky and options are limited. If you search for the best deodorants for men in India, you will find that all of them offer more or less the similar stereotyped “masculine” fragrance, for example, woody, musky, citrus or carbon-powered formulas. But, we at French Essence believe fragrances have no gender. That’s why we bring you- exotic formulas with luxurious scents at affordable prices. All our products are:
  • Skin Friendly
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Sustainable
  • Enriched with the goodness of French ingredients
  • Made in India.

Smell Good, Feel Great by Selecting the Right Deo or Perfume!

If you want to make a lasting impression, every little detail counts; right from your attire to gestures to self-confidence. A fragrance is an invisible game changer that you should not overlook. That’s why understanding the difference between deodorant and perfume is significant. Deodorants are strong and applied directly to the body (generally armpits or sweaty parts). They help prevent body odor and keep bacteria away. In contrast, Perfumes are used on pulse points (such as wrist, behind ears, belly button, etc.) and clothes/dresses. Perfumes are the most concentrated fragrance type, available in the market. Find the right deodorant or perfume to make a statement, according to your preferences, personality, and schedule. Ask yourself these questions before buying: What’s the occasion: Is it a romantic date, family brunch, festive celebration, or late-night party with friends? You wouldn’t want to give your date, a headache with an over-powering perfume or ooze a sensuous aroma during a family get-together. For example, French Essence Oud Eau De Parfum is the best perfume for men to make an irresistible appeal on the first date! What scents do you like: Your smell creates your aura. So think hard, what scents express you best and channel your inner vibes? For example, French Essence Grace Eau De Parfum- is the best perfume for women with citrus bergamot, blackcurrant, and fresh rose notes is a match made in heaven for social gatherings and fun casual meets. Where are you headed: Are you going to the office, gym, shopping, or on vacation? You would need a long-lasting deo for the office while the gym calls for a strong deodorant for men. Shop French Essence Body Sprays for Every Occasion!

Best Deodorant for Men and Women

If you want an upgrade from the regular, boring, and ordinary does, try French Essence. Break out shopping from the mundane google list of top 10 body sprays in India and feel renewed. French essence deodorants for men mask body odor and provide a fresh, clean feeling throughout the day.

–       French Essence Bloom Deodorant Body Spray

Experience refreshing sweet and citrusy notes of the exotic French flowers. Its top notes are citrusy lemon, aromatic lavender, and bergamot. It is long-lasting and best for office, gym, or sweaty dance parties!

–       French Essence Grace Deodorant Body Spray

This is among the best deodorant for women enriched with floral and citrusy goodness. It is exclusively crafted with exotic formulas of French masters. This deo is inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of nature around us.

–       French Essence Intense Deodorant Body Spray

Are you looking for a sensual, royal, dramatic, and strong deodorant for men? French Essence Intense Deodorant Body Spray is made for you. It is an AM-to-PM solution to fight body odour and leave you smelling irresistible, while you hop from gym-to-office-to-late night drink sessions.

–       French Essence Oud Deodorant Body Spray

This deo is a conversation stirrer! It is enriched with the goodness of coconut blended with citrusy, spicy, and woody patchouli notes. Mesmerize everyone around you with this distinctive and unique fragrance.

–       French Essence Recharge Deodorant Body Spray

This is hands down the top unisex deodorant in India. Its fresh and wild notesareextracted fromexotic bergamot, oakmoss, and rare Moroccan jasmine. The carefully balanced notes and playful aroma make it best for men and women.

–       French Essence Triumph Deodorant Body Spray

This is for bold, adventurous, mysterious, and sassy souls! The intertwined majestic notes of coriander, cedarwood, and rosemary enriched with splashes from Mediterranean seas– make this the best deo in India! The scent and formula of this deodorant are meant for making dramatic entrances.

–       French Essence Bloom Eau De Perfum

If you are on the hunt for the best perfume for women to make the women in your life feel special and acknowledged- look no further than French Essence Bloom Eau De Perfum. Its spicy and earthy aromas are captivating. This AM-to-PM fragrance formula is among the top long lasting perfumes in India. Create your signature essence by using no-gas French Essence perfumeswithFrench Essence body washes! Browse our hand-picked collection of bath & body products and celebrate yourself each day with our luxury body washes. Our body washes are made for men and women both& comprise high-quality ingredients that are perfect for your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth after every use! Our special formulation has a wonderful aroma that’s perfect for any occasion. They are perfect for quick refreshing showers as well as long-relaxing baths after tiring days! French essence deodorants, perfumes, and body washes make ultimate gifts to shower your loved ones with majestic aromas and beautiful experiences. Shop French Essence Fragrances Online at and unleash the power of your aroma! We have all the best deodorants for men in India, the best perfumes for women, body washes for men, luxury perfume and deodorant gift sets, and luxury soaps. Our online fragrance store is a one-stop shop for all your scent needs. We offer fast delivery, impeccable customer services, tracking updates, and fantastic deals.

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