Are your deodorants suitable for all skin types?

Yes, French Essence deodorants are formulated for all skin types. We prioritise care and safety. Our products are designed to provide effective odor protection while being gentle on the skin.

Do your deodorants contain any harmful chemicals?

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers, which is why our deodorants are free from harmful chemicals. We provide high-quality products that are both effective and safe for daily use.

Are your deodorants long-lasting?

Yes, French Essence deodorants are specially formulated to provide long-lasting freshness and odor protection for up to 10 hours. Our customers can feel confident and stay fresh from morning to night.

What fragrances are available in your deodorant range?

French Essence deodorant range offers 16 appealing fragrances, ranging from refreshing citrus and floral notes to woody and musky scents. We understand that fragrance preferences vary from person to person, and we strive to offer options that cater to diverse preferences.

Can your deodorants help with excessive sweating?

Yes, French Essence deodorants are formulated to provide effective odor protection even in cases of excessive sweating. They help control sweat and keep you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.

Do your deodorants leave any residue or stains on clothes?

French Essence deodorants are carefully formulated to minimize any residue or stains on clothes. However, it's always a good idea to allow the deodorant to dry completely before dressing to ensure no transfer occurs.

How can I find the right fragrance for me?

At French Essence, we understand that choosing the right fragrance can be a personal decision. To help you find the perfect match we offer a variety of fragrances and formulations. You can explore our range on frenchessence.com and read product descriptions to find the one that best suits your preferences and needs.

How can I provide feedback or contact your customer support team?

We highly value customer feedback and are always ready to assist you. You can reach out to our customer support team through our website's contact form or through our social media channels. We appreciate your input and strive to continuously improve our products and services based on customer feedback.

What is your return policy?

French essence can accept return only in extreme cases of damaged product delivery (leakage/broken/missing items) due to transit, a refund/exchange can be initiated after a thorough verification of the refund policy - https://frenchessence.com/pages/return-policy

What are the various payment options available?

We offer you multiple safe payment options via phonepe and razorpay like upi, rupay, paytm, debit or credit cards, net banking or wallet money. We also offer cash on delivery for orders above INR 500.

How can i change my address?

The address is only changeable under certain scenarios. You can email your updated address at hello@frenchessence.com or call us at 7982962506. All orders are dispatched within 48 to 72 working hours. Note- the address can only be changed before dispatch.

How will the refund be given?

French essence is dedicated to providing the best shopping experience for our valued customers. As certain products cannot be reused or resold once opened or used, we do not accept returns on delivered items.

In case of any issues such as missing items, leakage, breakage, damage, or incorrect products, we require customers to follow certain steps, please read here - https://frenchessence.com/pages/return-policy

How to cancel my order?

You can call our customer support team at 7982962506 to cancel the order. The order cannot be cancelled, once dispatched which happens within 48-72 hours of order placement.

How much time does my order take to be delivered?

Once placed, it takes 5-7 working days for order delivery. You can track your order through logging into you French Essence account using your unique order/tracking id.

How can i decide which product is right for me?

You can call our customer support team at 7982962506. We will be delighted to recommend you the most suitable product keeping in mind all your skin and hair concerns.

What to do if i receive a damaged product?

If you receive any damaged or defective product, kindly call our customer support team at 7982962506 or WhatsApp us at 7982962506 within 24 hours of receiving them.

What deodorant is best for odor women?

Our formulated deodorant is specifically designed to combat odor effectively, making it an excellent choice for women seeking a reliable solution to stay fresh.

Is deodorant same as body spray?

No, deodorant is designed to control odor and sweat, while body spray is primarily meant for fragrance. While some products may combine both functions, they serve different purposes.

How are French Essence fragrances different?

Finding the right fragrance is very difficult. French Essence believe fragrances have no gender. That’s why we bring you- exotic formulas with luxurious scents at affordable prices. All our products are:

Skin Friendly



Enriched with the goodness of French ingredients

Made in India

What are the best deos for men and women by French Essence?

If you want an upgrade from the regular, boring, and ordinary does, try French Essence. Break out shopping from the mundane google list of top 10 body sprays in India and feel renewed.

French essence deodorants for men mask body odor and provide a fresh, clean feeling throughout the day.

– French Essence Bloom Deodorant Body Spray
Experience refreshing sweet and citrusy notes of the exotic French flowers. Its top notes are citrusy lemon, aromatic lavender, and bergamot. It is long-lasting and best for office, gym, or sweaty dance parties!

– French Essence Grace Deodorant Body Spray
This is among the best deodorant for women enriched with floral and citrusy goodness. It is exclusively crafted with exotic formulas of French masters. This deo is inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of nature around us.

– French Essence Intense Deodorant Body Spray
Are you looking for a sensual, royal, dramatic, and strong deodorant for men? French Essence Intense Deodorant Body Spray is made for you. It is an AM-to-PM solution to fight body odour and leave you smelling irresistible, while you hop from gym-to-office-to-late night drink sessions.

– French Essence Oud Deodorant Body Spray
This deo is a conversation stirrer! It is enriched with the goodness of coconut blended with citrusy, spicy, and woody patchouli notes. Mesmerize everyone around you with this distinctive and unique fragrance.

– French Essence Recharge Deodorant Body Spray
This is hands down the top unisex deodorant in India. Its fresh and wild notes are extracted from exotic bergamot, oakmoss, and rare Moroccan jasmine. The carefully balanced notes and playful aroma make it best for men and women.

– French Essence Triumph Deodorant Body Spray
This is for bold, adventurous, mysterious, and sassy souls! The intertwined majestic notes of coriander, cedarwood, and rosemary enriched with splashes from Mediterranean seas– make this the best deo in India! The scent and formula of this deodorant are meant for making dramatic entrances.

– French Essence Bloom Eau De Perfume
If you are on the hunt for the best perfume for women to make the women in your life feel special and acknowledged- look no further than French Essence Bloom Eau De Perfum. Its spicy and earthy aromas are captivating. This AM-to-PM fragrance formula is among the top long lasting perfumes in India.

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French essence deodorants, perfumes, and body washes make ultimate gifts to shower your loved ones with majestic aromas and beautiful experiences.

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