About Us

From the calm and deep nature trials to the exhilarating starry nights, France is synonymous with luxury and elegance. And French perfumes are often associated with prestige and sophistication.

The art of perfumery was refined in France during the Renaissance, and the first perfume made was a tempting blend of scented oils in alcohol made for the Queen of Hungary and named after her. It quickly gained popularity with the French aristocrats. The establishment of luxury perfumeries and the patronage of royalty further elevated the status of fragrances in French society.

The sense of smell as a celebration in art and literature has been cherished by the French. Perfumes are often portrayed in their literature and cinema as signs of romance, desire, and wealth that have only contributed to their allure.

We, at French Essence observed a big gap in the perfume industry of India, where scents are many but none stand out. The oomph factor had been amiss, which is when we chose to breathe fresh life into fragrances, and decided to take inspiration from none other than the perfume capital - France.

We bottled up the fluttering of spring from the countryside, the calming richness of a stroll through Montmartre, and the A-La-French art of living. And then we harmonized these notes for the Indian climate.

For our range of perfumes, we picked ‌fresh floral notes from the charming lavender fields of Provence to the bustling flower markets of Grassenotes. We caught the whiff of glorious nights out and about in ‌town.

When we started creating our blend of unisex fragrances,  we sprinkled compositions of earth, leaves, woods, the French Riviera, and everything in between. To give you a whiff of how it feels like to be French.

At French Essence, we celebrate the magic of Parisian charm and the freshness of the Mediterranean breeze. 

And yes, we are Very Very French!