Bergamot Unisex Citrus Fruits Perfume

Feeling Fruity? Choose a Bergamot Perfume

Citrus Fruits Bergamot Unisex Sensual Perfume

Several of the world’s bestselling perfumes use citrus ingredients. They’re great for enlivening the senses, and they provide a fantastically fruity punch. The most ‘unisex’ of these citrus fruits is undoubtedly bergamot.

Bergamot perfume is often slightly more bitter and potent than, say, Sicilian lemon, which makes it ideal for colognes and contemporary female fragrances alike.

Bergamot perfume – what is this fruit, anyway?

Bergamot is believed to be a hybrid of orange and lemon. Ironically, although it’s about the same size as an orange, it’s actually the same colour as a lime – which makes it the perfect blend of all the major citrus fruits.

In terms of aroma, bergamot citrus perfume is tart, slightly bitter and full of zestiness. The fruit has been used in perfume-making since 1714, so it’s very well-established.

The big question is – why would you want perfume bergamot-flavoured? Well, as many perfume houses have proved, it’s the perfect balancing ingredient for many types of fragrance.

Perfume with bergamot – things to consider

It’s important to be aware that bergamot is a bold, recognisable scent. It lacks the sweetness of other citrus fruits, which is why it feels very modern and ‘now’.

When you’re purchasing a bergamot perfume, think about the following:

  • What sort of fragrance are you looking for? Bergamot combined with exotic scents, such as oud oil, amber or ylang ylang, is likely to take on a more sensual note. This is perfect for evening time. However, if you’re looking for something fresher and lighter, search for French Essence bergamot perfume that’s complemented by other citrus fruits.
  • How dominant do you want it to be? Some bergamot-based fragrances let the flavour shine through, which creates a very masculine, bittersweet aroma. Others have it as a ‘background’ ingredient, which is there to soften and enhance other ingredients. The only way to tell whether it’s right for you is to test it out.
  • When will you be wearing it? As with any fragrance, it’s a wise idea to consider when you’ll be applying it. Bergamot is great for the workplace, for example; as it’s invigorating, intense and powerful. It can be exotic and sexy when combined with the right ingredients, so certainly don’t rule it out for your next hot date.
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