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Buy the best perfumes in India for Men and Women

 Perfumes do more than just mask body odour!

They help you release stress, elevate your mood, give you an enchanting appeal, and make you stand out by channeling your inner spirit. And not just this, perfume fragrances also trigger bitter-sweet memories- associated with people, places, and experiences—for example, the warm scent of your mother or the earthy aroma of your hometown. Last but not least, perfumes make stunning gifts for all occasions!!

The perfume you wear and the way you smell say a lot about your personality and preferences. That’s why selecting or buying perfume online requires careful consideration and research. However, sifting through the never-ending online recommendations and Google search lists of “the best perfumes in India”, “best perfume for men in India”, or “the best perfume for women in India to find the perfect fragrance for you can be a tedious task.
Hence, here’s a quick checklist of things to help you buy perfumes online in  India:

  • Your lifestyle: pick a perfume as per your routine. Your scent should compliment your lifestyle. For example, fresh-floral scents are perfect for office-going people, while woody and citrus perfumes are best for gym enthusiasts.
  • Your body’s natural scent:we all have distinct body scents. Hence, picking a perfume that compliments your skin and body’s natural scent is uncompromisable. It is also- why the same perfume scents smell different from person to person.
  • Budget: a lot of millennials and Gen Zs avoid buying perfumes because they are expensive. But French EssencePerfumes have been curated keeping affordability in mind! We bring you luxury perfumes online in India at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Perfume Notes: all perfumes have layers of distinct scents: top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The top notes attract you to perfume ( it’s the first scent you smell when you open a bottle of perfume). The middle notes last longer and appear once the top notes start fading, and finally, the base notes are the ones that linger the longest and are usually the scent you remember the most.

Buy the best perfumes online in India from French Essence!

French Essence Amber Magic Eau De Parfum (Perfume)

Inspired by the exotic French flowers, French Essence Amber Magic Eau De Perfum is a dreamy love story between the delicacy of flowers and untamed wilderness!

It is enriched with floral and aromatic top notes, playful Spicy and Woody middle notes, and enticing Amber and Musk Leather base notes. It is the best perfume for women in India, who are outgoing, adventurous, fun, and peppy yet elegant and delicate.

French Essence Bloom Eau De Parfum (Perfume)

If you are looking for a luxury perfume for men under 1000, look no further than- French Essence Bloom Eau De Perfum. This unisex fragrance is a perfect AM-to-PM perfume suited well for a long day at the office and evening parties to intense workout sessions at the gym.

This French Essence perfume has strong and refreshing top notes; aromatic lavender, bergamot, and citrusy lemon. Its middle or heart notes are a blend of spices of cedarwood and Geranium, while its secret to perfection is the unique lasting moss, musk, and amber scent.

French Essence Grace Eau De Parfum (Perfume)

This perfume encapsulates the spirit of modern India, which is inclusive, accommodating, daring, and aspirational. The playful floral and citrusy fragrances make it the best unisex perfume in India. Its scent is curated to embrace and celebrate the individuality of the wearer.

Its top notes are citrus bergamot, perfect for starting your day with energy. While a unique play between blackcurrant and fresh rose (middle notes) and cedarwood and musk (base notes) scents will help you transition from day to night smoothly in an elegant and classy way.

French Essence Intense Eau De Parfum (Perfume)

French essence Intense Eau De Parfum is the best perfume for men in India. From its thyme, leather, and amber notes to spicy, earthy and seductive woody scents, this perfume is a must-have wardrobe essential. Its versatility, freshness, irresistible appeal, and affordable pricing make it the best perfume for men under 500.

Best way to wear a perfume for a long-lasting effect

  • Apply perfume right after showering for better fragrance absorption
  • Perfume hotspots are the pulse points of our bodies: behind the ears, inside elbows, wrists, neck, belly buttons, cleavage, etc.
  • Spray perfume on your clothes! The fabrics of our clothes hold on to the fragrances for a long time.

Now that you know how perfumes can elevate your personality. Don’t delay much! Buy your favourite pick from French Essence, the best perfume brand in India.

If you are wondering, what makes French Essence the best? The answer is simple-

  • Premium luxury fragrances
  • Authentic French fragrances
  • Affordable prices
  • Dedicated customer care, and
  • Socially responsible unisex fragrance products aimed at encouraging gender-neutrality in India.

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